Il Borgo della Colomba, in the noisy silence of nature (birds, water, wind, donkey, rooster, hens, hawks, geese, wild pigs, frogs, toads, snakes, mice, crickets, cicadas ...), away from the noise of roads and cities lends itself to accommodate the activities of organized groups (yoga, meditation, music, holidays for children, the disabled, role playing, etc.)

We organize on request and for groups:

The environment surrounding Il Borgo della Colomba is simply bucolic. It has it all: the picturesque stream that flows around the farm, the medieval bridge that led the ancient wanderers at the mill, the incredible strength of the green that comes down from the hills to the meadows that surround the farm. Il Borgo della Colomba is the ideal base to discover the surprises in the details of the environment and nature of this wonderful country: Lunigiana.

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