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We are in a small valley called La Colomba. Once called The Bifolchi, but residents have preferred to change the name, for some reason, on closer yokels means farmers ...

The village is crossed by an ancient road that connects the village of Giucano and to Carignano (nice walk), but that once and again just after the war served as a trade route with Parma and Reggio Emilia through the Apennines. Every year a trek with donkeys reaches us from Reggio Emilia on foot to the ancient road ( For walkers we are in the vicinity of the Via Francigena and the trekking path Lunigiana, on the path of senteri partisans (the beautiful multimedia museum of resistance to Prade Canepari). There is a CAI path and we will ride for mountain bikers.

For those arriving by car we 7 km from Sarzana, in the hills on a road a bit 'curved, but that once made can be covered in 10 minutes.


Arrived under the restaurant Il Faro on the hairpin bend turn right there is' a secondary alley on the left, Via Colomba, which is followed down to the bottom (900 meters); then there's a little bridge on the left, taken in which proceedings are straight ahead for 100 meters of gravel road and you're there. After unloading your luggage and Essevi we settled we ask you to park the car right after the bridge, on the right, going up, because the space for parking on site is reduced and is limited to the loading / unloading job. If someone has difficulty walking does that say and can leave your car in the parking near the entrance. It is advisable to carry a torch for the dark nights, and if you are the catalysts of insects anything to protect you; mosquitoes, thanks to the bats, there are very few, but there is some.