Always "organic" in our kitchen the ingredients are of good quality and this already makes a difference. Bread and focaccia (sourdough), pasta, pizza, ravioli, cakes, pickles, grilled vegetables, sauce and whatever else are strictly homemade. Our dishes are simple but tasty, refer to the local cuisine, but with influences from other regions and the world, salami Lunigiana and lard, excellent local meats, wild boar, lamb but also sauces and vegetables exotic.

The vegetarian food is our specialty, and more and more customers "carnivores" require us dinners and vegetarian lunches. Our production of oil, honey and vegetables, is appreciated at the table, and many will take away a little 'taste and buy our products. You eat in the old mill, in the garden and on the large terrace overlooking the river, equipped with coverage and weather-proof windows. We accept reservations for birthday parties, graduations, communions and baptisms, weddings and celebrations in general, always for a limited number of people.

Beautiful children's parties and boys with donkeys as animators ... Our snacks at 5 pm with sgabei, cheeses and meats often last until evening, replacing dinner. We always eat, and by reservation only, possibly early in the day before.              

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